The Jim's Dive Shop Story

In the early 70's, Jim Fentress, founder and namesake of Jim's Dive Shop began teaching SCUBA lessons in the St. Petersburg area. With SCUBA lessons, came the need for SCUBA gear and soon Jim was selling gear from the living room of his home. As the popularity of SCUBA was growing in the area, Jim and his friends pooled their money and bought an air compressor. It was soon apparent that there was not enough space in Jim's living room so he and his wife opened SCUBA Nautics. Well, as things go, so do wives and when Jim and his wife split she kept SCUBA Nautics and Jim opened Jim's Dive Shop on Starkey Rd. In 1985, Jim moved the location of the dive shop to it's current location at 9385 C Bay Pines. Blvd.

In 2002, Teresa joined the Jim's Dive Shop staff and soon after met Wayne, one of Jim's customer's, and they began dating . In 2007, Teresa & Wayne bought the dive shop. Currently, Jim and his wife Michelle are enjoying their retirement traveling and diving the Caribbean aboard their boat "The Dragonfly".


Teresa Hattaway
Owner / Manager

A native Floridian, Teresa earned her open water SCUBA certification in 1985 and became an open water SCUBA instructor in 1991. From 1991 - 2002, Teresa taught SCUBA lessons on nights and weekends for Woods & Water in Brandon, Fl. and Terrace Watersports in Temple Terrace, Fl. In April 2002, Teresa left her job in mortgage banking and came to Jim's Dive Shop full time. Teresa earned the nick name of Mama T, when her dive students said she looked like a mama duck with all of her "duckling" students following her around. Teresa has logged thousands of dives throughout Florida and the Caribbean. She enjoys underwater photography, videography, spearfishing and fossil diving. Her favorite dive location is right here in the Gulf of Mexico. She currently holds the rating of Dive Control Specialist Instructor with SCUBA Schools International. Over the years she has certified over a thousand divers.Teresa is active in the local dive community and is currently on the board of director's for the Fishing Rights Alliance, Vice President of the Florida Skin Divers Association and Secretary of the Professional Association of Dive Operators. She also participates in many of the local spearfishing, video & photo tournaments.

Teresa has also been awarded the Platinum Pro Instructor Award, in recognition of certifying over 2500 students and the Platinum Pro Diver Award, in recognition of over 5000 dives.
Wayne Moler

When not at his "real' job, Wayne helps out around the dive shop. He is our go-to person for electrical, mechanical and air conditioning problems and helps keep the business operating smoothly. Wayne moved from Virginia to Florida in the late 80's and soon after earned his SCUBA certification. Wayne is an avid diver and enjoys spearfishing the many ledges and wrecks of the Gulf of Mexico. Wayne has also completed his repair technician training from our various SCUBA manufactures. (When needing a special rush job on repairs, Wayne can often be bribed with anything containing chocolate).